Franciacorta, Italy’s Finest Sparkling *

Summer is all about bubbly wines, those sparkles can lighten up our hot days.
I’ve already shared with you my love for Prosecco. Today I will be introducing a different Italian sparkling wine [probably one of the least well known]: Franciacorta.

As I always say Italian wines will never stop astonishing us!

Franciacorta is produced in Lombardy region North of Italy in a small town called Franciacorta within the province of Brescia.
Unlike Prosecco and other Italian sparkling wines, Franciacorta can be compared to Champagne because of many similarities especially in the production process, thus making it Italy’s finest sparkling wine.

The grape varieties used are Pinot Nero, Chardonnay and Pinot Bianco. After the harvest those grapes are going to go through the same process used to produce Champage The Methode Traditionelle or Champenoise [in which after the initial fermentation, the wines are bottled with yeast and sugar where the second fermentation will take place, then the bottles are stored with the necks turned downward and periodically rotated to separate wine and yeast. After a minimum of 18 months later the yeast is disgorged and liqueur de dosage added]

Franciacorta Bottles

Following this delicate winemaking procedure you will taste an elegant sparkler with fine perlage, a complex bouquet and structure that pleases with every sip.


Franciacorta Villa Crespia

Fratelli Muratori , Villa Crespia Novalia Brut
Grape Variety: Chardonnay
Intense yellow straw color. Fine and Persistent perlage. Crisp and effervescent attack, green apple and citrus flavor

Franciacorta and food pairing:
Great as an aperitif
It can perfectly match sea food, light pasta, pizza and mild cheeses.

Franciacorta crespia

.Drink responsibly.


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