Wine Flights *

The name is already very dreamy, participating in wine flights is supposed to take us on a trip of senses and discovering new wines.
Wine flight are themed nights dedicated for tasting several bottles, it is the perfect opportunity to compare different wine and discover your new favorite one, while understanding specific regions, vintages or gape varieties.

The objective is quiet easy, you just need to attend with an open spirit and a desire to taste and understand new, different and sometimes even unusual styles of wine.

How to prepare it: the host should choose a specific theme [Example: a Specific wine growing region {Burgundy, Tuscany, California} or a grape variety {Pinot Noir, Sangiovese, Zinfandel} try to search for surprising themes for curiosity’s sake] once its a picked, different bottles are chosen accordingly [a minimum of 2 bottles up to 8 bottles]. Line up the wine glasses a different markers, and the tasting can start.

Tasting those several bottles side by side will help you compare and find different flavors and aromas smoothly.
To make it even more fun and intriguing, you can add to it a food matching, such as cheese, nibbles and regional specialities.

.Drink responsibly.


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