The Wine within

Today is not only about wine; it’s about a feel good factor.

The ancients believed wine contributed to the wellbeing of a person, Plato describes wine as “A medicine, given for the purposes of securing modesty of soul and health and strength of body.”

We don’t need more proof to know that wine consumed moderately is good for our health and our body, the list of wine’s benefits is long (and getting more surprising every time).  

I am talking about the inner benefits here ‘The Modesty of Soul’, a good wine will be more than a drink, a good wine will engage you, make you conscious of it and take you places, it will open up your horizons and widen your aspirations. Specially when combined with the idyllic environment, a wonderful company and the perfect dreams.

So go ahead indulge yourself with a glass (or two), stick to the plans you know how to do best and above all surround your life as much as possible with what you love, and who you love.

Today was a tribute to senses, pure emotions and joy.

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