About Me

tara jabbour

It all started with a passion for wine, one glass per day with my parents throughout my adolescence, that passion fueled a desire to learn more, that desire to learn more led to a feeling to share what I was learning, thus L’Angolo Di Vino – wine corner was born.

L’Angolo Di Vino – wine corner, is a service concept that revolves around the world of wine, from the vineyard to your glass and everything that goes in between. Workshops and trainings, organizing themed diners and wine tours, structuring wine stocks and creating your personalized wine cellar are all part of L’angolo Di Vino services.

My Mission is to make wine much more approachable and down to earth.
Join me through my learning in the world of wine, and my venture to bring what has always been pretentious and pompous, back down to earth. Oh, and every so often, there’s food, other alcohols and cocktails involved…

Tara Maria Jabbour

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